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Yintersync is an internet optimised centrally controlled backup tool for multiple computers featuring encryption, email reports, shedule, permissions, snapshots and multiple destinations.


Yintersync Backup uses Rsync which has Delta encoding so only the differences between large files need to be transferred. Delta copying allows for large files with regular small changes can easily be backed up over broadband connections, for example:

  • Mail Stores
  • Databases
  • Virtual Machines
  • Documents
  • Multimedia
Yintersync can manage the backups for all the computers local or remote for which you are responsible. Backups can be done to multiple different destinations.


  • Central Control / Server  All configuration changes are done from a single application on a central server. Once agents are connected, all further configuration is done from this interface. The server can be both a backup source or destination.
  • Agent (Source) - Any computer you are backing up requires a client, the only thing configured on the client is the address of the central repository and the name of the client.
  • Agent (Destination) - Agents can also be backup destinations. Using multiple cheap computers you can backup a huge amount of data.
  • Snapshots - Keep regular backups as long as storage allows. This uses file system hard links to keep backup space to required to a minimum.
  • VSS Support - Locked or currently editing files can be backed up without being taken offline or closed.
  • Task scheduler - Automate tasks to start when you require.
  • Disconnection / Crash recovery - Makes sure your backups complete, even if something has gone wrong.
  • Email Reporting - Regular, easy to read email reports so you can be confident that your data is secure.
  • Permissions - Can backup NTFS permissions using icacls and upload to the destination.